Art Work Tobermory

“In 2001 I spent the summer living in Tobermory, Ontario at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Georgian Bay. I spent most of my summer days filling up my sketch book with drawings of the little beaches, coves, and boats in the harbour.” Look for Kendra’s artwork at the Golden Gallery in Tobermory.

TOB1 Barrow Bay
TOB5 Flower Pot Island
TOB4 Flower Pot
TOB2 Boat House - The Crowley Dock & Grill
TOB7 Little Cove 1
TOB6 Grand View 1
TOB3 Little Cove Island Lighthouse
MEC Mermaid Cove
MII2 Misty Islands 3
TOB25 Tobermory Sunset 2
TOB12 Tobermory Sunset 1

"In Tobermory I worked at the Grandview Restaurant where there was a gorgeous sunset over Little Tub Harbour every night. I sometimes sat out on the deck to paint. I also spent a lot of time sketching in Joni and Pete’s garden, just down the road from where I lived. (You can find their beautiful little Bury Road Gardens sprinkled with wooden reindeer and garden angels on Brock Street in Tobermory.) At the end of the summer I took some of my paintings into Golden Gallery to be framed, and the owners Rachael and Kent asked me if I would like to show my work in their gallery. I was amazed. This was a huge compliment to a budding artist like me at the time. Kent Wilkens is an accomplished painter himself so I was happy to be included in his selection of artists."